Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Press Release: Ghana Decides on the Death of President Mills

We are shocked and saddened by the death of His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills. The announcement of his death was nothing less of a surprise and a blow to a nation that is continually trying to surmount immense developmental challenges. President Mills led Ghana on a path that he best judged as one that could propel the country he loved forward. He did his bit, but now he is gone.

 We have been overwhelmed with Ghana’s heartfelt response to the death of President Mills. The words fine academic, religious, hardworking and peace-loving are most often used to describe him. Some mention humility and we should not mistake that for timidity. President Mills brought the “GOOD MAN” syndrome to Ghana’s politics.

So on the event of his death; we are shaken, here at Ghana Decides. Ghana’s future is opened up again and we are thinking of the shape it will take. We cannot believe that the man we had various expectations about had eluded all of us and made it to “behind the seas where no one has seen.” That alone is heavy for us all and we are uncertain what next to do with regards to our plans for the sitting Government. President Mills has changed everything once again – and for the last time.

Consequently, the quick turnaround the nation has made, in terms of transition by swearing in Vice President John Dramani Mahama as President, is impeccable. We, at Ghana Decides, are not surprised as we have found in our interactions both online and offline with Ghanaians across the country, that people are committed to ensuring that peace and stability is maintained. Nonetheless, the peaceful and unified transition should be noted and celebrated. Ghana continues to hold the peace and uphold its constitution.

We therefore mourn the man we all loved, castigated, laughed with and wished well. If we ever forget how he lived, we would do well to play one audio clip from his addresses to Parliament and turn around with a “gargantuan” smile and say: There was the man who loved this country more than himself.

Friday, 6 July 2012

BarCamp Tamale 2012 Focuses on Development and Sustainable Change

My friends at BarCamp Tamale are putting together their second event. Feedback gathered from Twitter on the first one was very positive. On the whole, it appeared to be an educative event. For Ken, it was an eye-opener. I hope to join them this time. Watch out for the #bcTamale tag on Twitter!
Shot taken at first BarCamp Tamale. Source:

BarCamp Tamale Press Release

Here comes the 15th Barcamp in Ghana and 2nd in Tamale! BarCamp Tamale 2012 is a free networking event bringing people together for a day of discussion, demonstrations and dialogue about Tamale, Northern Ghana and beyond. BarCamp Tamale 2012 follows last year's November 26 event at the Tamale Polytechnic in Tamale, Ghana. This year's edition will be held on July 14 with Tamale Polytechnic. The theme is “Accelerating Development: Key Stakeholders & Priorities for Sustainable Change”. It will build upon local knowledge, expertise and resources in a supportive community for entrepreneurs, change makers, innovators and other leaders in Tamale and the Northern Region.

It will be organized in conjunction with LEAD-Ghana and the Tamale Google Technology User Group (GTUG). This Barcamp will focus on creating more awareness about the uses of technology; build knowledge on how to foster innovation in and around Tamale; and increase visibility through tourism, (re)branding and online content creation. 

BarCamp Tamale 2012 will feature multiple sessions on Northern Ghana’s development agenda and the recently launched Savannah Accelerated Development Authority, businesses, social entrepreneurship, technology tools and products, as well as breakout sessions on topics relevant to the Northern region and beyond. Like all Barcamps, there will be user-generated sessions and discussions where attendees get to set the agenda and topics for the day. Local experts will share knowledge on different technologies, and successful entrepreneurs and innovators will share their stories to serve as role models for participants. 

Register/RSVP today at the BarCamp Tamale eventbrite website. You can also register by sending "Barcamp Tamale, Your Name, Your Email Address" to 1945 on all mobile networks.  You may also contact the BarCamp Tamale team through this website for sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in organizing a breakout session, let us know, especially if you have special needs. BarCamp Tamale 2012 is sponsored by the GhanaThink Foundation, Tamale Polytechnic, LEAD-Ghana, Nandimobile, Tamale-GTUG, Fienipa Group, Savana Signatures and Northern Ghana Innovators. Our media partners are Bishara Radio, SpyGhana and Radio Justice.