Saturday, 15 May 2010

Google to Host Days for Ghana's Tech Community

Since deciding to set up office in Ghana, Google has been actively supporting tech-related events and groups in Ghana. Mention can be made of BarCamp Ghana and TEDxYouthInspire. Google Ghana also recently teamed up with Citi Fm to organise a conference on Internet bandwidth in Ghana.

Google is announcing its own event, dubbed G-Ghana, to be held at Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT. The Internet giant hopes to engage Ghanaian software developers, marketing professionals and technology entrepreneurs. The G-Ghana site does not mention technology writers and bloggers, but I'm pretty sure Google would love to have us as well. :).

On the G-Ghana website, Google states that the event is consistent with their core mission:
In alignment with our core mission, "to organize all the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" we would like to provide training on localized and global tools to spur economic development and entrepreneur opportunities for people in Ghana.
The event will held from 3rd June to 4th June 2010. Day 1 is for software developers and computer science students, who must have some technical programming skills while day two is targeted at technology entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.
Google has lined up wonderful agenda for both days. This event is a must-attend for anyone who is part of the technology community in Ghana. Prospective G-Ghana attendees must register their interest in either of the days on the G-Ghana website. I'm expecting a lot of exciting things to happen during G-Ghana.


  1. I am happy wit the way IT and development related events are being organized in the country. ie Maker Faire, TedXYI, BarCamp etc. I think, we are beginning to accept the importance of such events. Let's just hope they in some years to come, we will begin to realize the effect

  2. Absolutely true, Ed. People need to start seeing positive fall outs of these events. It's a pity that not many local organisations readily support such efforts.

  3. I was at Day 2 of the event. Thanks for the information about it and it was nice seeing the face behind this informative blog.

  4. Thanks @Lyrix. It was nice meeting with you in person too. Keep up the great work you're doing as well.


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