Monday, 13 September 2010

Nandimobile: Ghana Start-up Empowering Connections Through Mobile Phones

The business climate in Africa is plagued with complaints about poor customer service. While frustrated customers rave and rant about how inattentive their service providers are, the concerned companies themselves are often overwhelmed with the headache of attending to the massive demands of their demanding customers.

A few companies are attempting to solve this problem, but one that has captivated my attention recently is Nandimoblile ltd, emerging from the start-up incubator of the Meltwater Group.
Nandimobile’s objective is to leverage the high global mobile penetration rates to create mobile customer service technology that enables businesses to connect to their customers through their mobile phones and easily engage, inform and manage their customer relationships.
Their first product, NandiClient, takes advantage of the rising global trend of increasing adoption of mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in business settings. It deploys a powerful two-way system-Gripeline to receive customer feedback and Infoline to deliver marketing information.

From their website:
Nandiclient is an on-demand software as a service suite, which provides businesses with effective tools for delivering customer support and information services to mobile phones of customers via SMS and WAP channels.
NandiClient has been tested to handle registration and feedback for major events like TEDxYouthInspire and BarCamp Accra. African companies wishing to improve their customer relations should definitely go for NandiClient because of its simple yet efficient solution, and the well-rounded team of young entrepreneurs behind it.


  1. this is good news for Ghanaian companies. Hope they listen and patronise...

  2. I hope so too. @NFA, It's been a while, man. How are things?


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