Monday, 1 November 2010

Da Young Entrepreneur TV Show

Starting from 3rd November 2010, a new TV programme will be available to Ghanaian viewers. The Young Entrepreneur will be aired on Skyy Digital's Knowledge TV, from 8 pm to 9pm, to viewers in Greater Accra, Eastern, Western, Central and Ashanti regions.

Believing that grassroots businesses should be at the heart of the Brand Ghana initiative, the show's formulators aim to:

  • Encourage entrepreneurship among young Ghanaians since it is a sure way to address the issue of unemployment, national development and economic liberation.
  • Provide a platform for educating the young Ghanaian about running businesses and the opportunities that abounds in our country.
  • Showcase young businesses with the potential of making it in industry so as to expose them to potential customers and investors.
Da Young Entrepreneur show has two carefully crafted segments to achieve these aims:

Mentoring: This segment features a successful business person who will equip viewers with enough information of the business terrain as well as the right approach to achieving their goals.

Entrepreneur Showcase: this segment features young Ghanaians who are running legitimate money making projects and businesses. This will motivate many other young entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed in the business world.

Da Young Entrepreneur is a brainchild of iROKKO Concepts, a brand management and marketing company, and Skyy Digital TV. It will be hosted by Donald Diaba, who is the CEO of iROKKO Concepts.

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