Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunset Sports: Cultivating Youth Development Through Sports

It's ten days into 2012. Happy New Year to all readers and followers of this blog! I wish you good health and success in everything you do.One of the events I attended during the holiday season was an exhibition and fundraising beach soccer match organised by Keta Sunset Sports

Sunset Sports aims to use sports as a vehicle for youth development, impacting positively in the Keta Municipality, the Volta Region and Ghana at large.The club sees sports, fitness and physical education as the ideal way of cultivating a full productive life, embracing the maxim “Health must not be sacrificed to learning…… a sound mind lives in a sound body”. 

The end-of-year exhibition game was played at Lorneh Beach Resort at Tegbi, to showcase the team's sporting talent to its teeming fans and to raise funds for the second half of the ongoing Ghana Beach Soccer Premier League. The match, which was played against fellow premiership contenders Ada Assurance, ended 3-2 in favour of the home team. There were also speeches and a cultural display. At the end of the day home fans were thoroughly entertained and impressed by how far the team had come. 


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