Friday, 7 March 2014

Afrimakers and OUWA Team up to Train the Next Generation of Ghanaian Makers

Trainees keenly engaged during the Africamakers Uganda session. Source: Afrimakers
Afrimakers project, in partnership with Open University of West Africa (OUWA) and a few others, are making further strides towards nurturing a maker movement in Ghana. Their three step strategy involves:
  1. Training facilitators to lead mentoring workshops and the community
  2. Mentoring 6 to 17 year olds to acquire the necessary problem-solving skills
  3. Showcasing innovations and networking through maker faire type events
Victor Kelechi Ofoegbu, one of the coordinators for the first facilitators workshop coming up at iHub, Accra next Monday, 10th March states:
The project aims to spark interest in young children for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by exploring a range of hands-on experiments hands. The projects range from building paper-based electronic circuit boards, air quality control sensors, recycling old web cams into microscopes, to programming Raspberry Pi microcomputers.
This is a brilliant opportunity to improve problem-solving through open innovation in Ghana. Everyone should register and be part of it.      


  1. Hey,I was able to meet some incredible people while I was in NYC in the week leading up to World Maker Faire, but one moment in particular stands out. +Nat Wilson-Heckathorn and +Marc de Vinck and I sat in on +Dale Dougherty talking to +Anil Dash about the Maker Movement. The conversation was so good, we posted the entire thing without edits. It's 23 minutes of wonderful inspiration.Thank you so much!!
    Africa News

    1. Thanks +Laura Smith for sharing your experience!


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