Monday, 5 October 2015

Projecting Ho and Impacting Generations Through Global Shapers Hub

The Ho Hub of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers community has been busy since its inception, this January, with various projects to impact the Volta Region of Ghana. Global Shapers are passionate young people from diverse backgrounds who work together in geographical hubs to make positive contributions to their communities. 

The unique Ho hub is the third one to be set up in Ghana, and I am glad to be a member. Under the leadership of Tsonam Akpeloo, we collaborate to execute projects that truly benefit Ho and its environs.

Global Shapers Ho Hub members interacting with market women at Ahoe market during the 'miatowo' project
Below is a round-up of key activities carried out across heath, education, and business to date. 
  • The Water Purification Project addressed low access to clean water in a deprived school by providing a water purifier and training on its use
  • One Shoe Per Child provided basic school pupils with shoes to enable them travel comfortably and safely to school
  • Woekpor Digital Literacy Initiative introduced selected pupils and teachers to digital literacy and showcased use cases of common technologies for learning
  • Miatowo empowered local female traders with basic financial literacy and business generation skills to increase their revenue generation activities
  • Deviotoe complemented One Shoe per Child by providing books to pupils in the same school, with a goal to improving reading skills. 

These projects tackled key barriers to well-being at individual and communal levels. They are not ends in themselves. Rather, they represent starting points through which Global Shapers, and other groups of determined changemakers, can contribute to making small or big differences to everyday life in Ho. By being involved in the worldwide Global Shapers community, we stand to benefit from the experiences and insights of international colleagues, while sharing local best practices.

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