Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tutamee: Ghana Start-up Helping You to Share and Discover the Best There is

 It is refreshing to note the respectable number of web and mobile startups that are launching innovative products from Ghana. I’ve blogged about great startups such as Leti Games and NandiMobile. Another interesting company that is trying to make inroads in the web arena is Tutamee.

Formed in mid 2010, Tutamee officially launched the alpha version of its website (http://tutamee.com/) on 27th April 2011. The co-founders of the company are Ghanaian entrepreneurs Mawuli Sikanku, Eugene Idan and Francis Bernasko. Tutamee received seed funding from the Meltwater Foundation.

Tutamee lets people discover and share the best there is of anything out there. Users sign onto the platform using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and ask or “spark” a question. Once a question has been started or sparked, other users can vote and comment on the options available, or provide new answers as they deem it fit. These interactions could be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Tutamee was built with the simple goal of helping people quickly get recommendations on the best of services and products through user generated and expert opinions.  You can think of Tutamee as a wiki for discovering the best places, things and people. Wikipedia answers the question "what is" or "who is" while we answer the question "what/who is the best"?

All the answers given to the various questions are analysed and presented graphically. When Tutamee is fully integrated into Facebook and Twitter, users would easily get answers from their friends on those networks as well as from the Tutamee community. Considering the many times that you might have unsuccessfully tried to figure out the best bookshop in Accra, the best public health online resource, the best business school in the world or the best science fiction writer, Tutamee is a valuable tool to get the answer you need.

So, next time you’re bogged down with a question such as “where is the best fufu bar in Koforidua?”, “who is the greatest sportsman ever?” or “who is the best Spanish language writer?” think of Tutamee and spark a debate!


  1. We are slowly, but surely building a 'Silicon Valley' in Africa. Thanks for the mention Gameli.

  2. You're welcome, Ed. Thanks for being at the forefront of the tech "revolution" in GH. The likes of the Tutamee team and yourself inspire loads of confidence in youth all over Africa.


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