Sunday, 24 May 2009

Everyday Scenes in Ghana

I’ve been meaning to make an entry about interesting places and events in Ghana. However, I realised that instead of a long blog entry, pictures might tell the story better. So here are 11 randomly selected photographs that hopefully closely depict everyday scenes in Ghana. Please let me hear your feedback concerning what you think about the photos, what pictures you would like to see, and even if this whole idea of letting photos tell the story sometimes is cool. Enjoy!

Relic of colonialism: one of the many castles that dot Ghana’s coast

History 101: Ghanaian high school students learn about the country’s past

Cultural extravaganza: One of Ghana’s many colourful traditional festivals

Football fever: Accra stadium packed to capacity as Ghana plays Cameroun during CAN 2008

Ecotourism: Wli waterfalls offer both scenic beauty and refreshing coolness

Beach time: Revellers taking it cool at Bojo beach near Accra on a weekend

Living on the water side of life: Nzulezo, the vlllage with buildings on stilts

Night life: Cultural performance at Labadi beach in Accra on a Wednesday night

Transport: Food for thought on the ubiquitous trotro

Pets: Three beautiful dogs in a Ghanaian home

Caught in the act: Two dogs on the streets at Korle-Gonno


  1. Nice blog, but the concept of "Caught in the act: Two dogs on the streets at Korle-Gonno" discredit the nice work in another sense.
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  2. i support frank for the fact that he said nice blog and indeed it is my prayer that your vision is held in high esteem henceforth much more bigger than this year amen

  3. Frank, thanks. Your feedback has been taken into consideration.

    Franka, thanks too and Amen to all your wonderful wishes!


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