Friday, 1 May 2009


I'm really excited to be back to the blogosphere after a long break. To mark my return i present two poems: The Return and Why are you so weak? Looking forward to get lots of reactions!

The Return

I know I have erred my darling

For all the days that I was gone without notice

The journey was long and tiring

And I fell into a hole

Without you there were no sweet dialogues

There were only_____________monologues!

So let the celebration of love and expression

Herald the return of our long lost union

As we wave the dreary, weary, cold nights goodbye.

Why are you so weak?

This question you posed to me

When we revelled under the mango tree

In the centre of the village square

Proved a handful for I racked my brains

So hard and long yet…no answer was in sight!

Then you sounded so worried

And cried for a thousand minutes

In my arms where you found temporary solace

The redness of your eyes told a tale

Of the anxiety that pervaded your entire being

Yes, that night when I returned home

Clothes drenched with your tears

Remains firmly etched on my mind

I recall with astonishing detail your very words

That encapsulated the feelings of the moment

For I share in your joys and sorrows

And that was what I always wanted you to know

Remember our rendezvous at the village dance?

Yet you left when it counted

When you could have shown the world you really cared

With the merchant's son, you left to the big city

Pretending you could get used to its glitz and glamour

I know what you thought then, that money was it all

No wonder you failed to detect

The subtle deceptions of your "lover"

Who was about to defect

Now you know t'was a big illusion

Truth is life is worth more than a couple of bucks

And true joy lies in simplicity-of friendship, honesty and loyalty

Your red tomato eyes tells it all: that pain dominates your soul

Thus you spend all days and all nights mulling over

The consequences of your action

So why are you so weak?

You are weak because you are moved by sight

Of things that hold no permanent value

In fact, you are blind!


  1. great poem! We missed you

  2. I like the poems. I wished all the Mest 2010 will read it.

    Good entry bro

  3. Back with a big bang!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks, everybody, for your kind comments. I hope to post here more regularly


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