Thursday, 30 August 2012

Five Keys to Taking Control of Your Health

Today, we take a break from the usual tech, events, education and development stuff to talk about health. Guest blogger Dr. Carl Nutsugah blogs at GH Health Diary a Ghana-focused health blog. In this post, he sums up five critical steps for taking control of one's health. Enyoy!

Your health is a very crucial asset to you. Do you believe that? Usually a lot of people would say yes but the question is what are you doing about it.

Point is I know it aint easy to start exercising and eating some well ‘calibrated’ diets and all because trust me I also struggle with this. Before you start you need to work on your mind. Maybe you should read more about health issues and also visit the hospitals, lol, no don’t visit the hospitals. But make a conscious effort to take control of your health, resolve to enjoy your old age and also try to understand how crucial your health is to you.

Before you start just remember these five steps.
Start low
See it big but keep it simple. I have been in the same gym with first timers who start by lifting weights way bigger for them and guess what they never came back. You don’t have to jog for 5km on your first week if u decide to start jogging. You don’t have to start eating supper at 5 pm if you think eating late is your problem for the big belly. Start simple and gradually build up until you can take it a step higher. This makes it possible for a na├»ve body to all of a sudden get used to all the new stress.

Make it fun
This is a very important aspect of any health remedy encounter. If its not fun its not going anywhere because you would probably stop very soon and do something more relaxing like sleeping and watching movies. Make it spicy by involving likeminded people who share your passion and chose a place where it is more fun.
Make it sustainable
Sustainability is a very rare gem in a workout plan. Usually starting low and making it fun takes care of this but not necessarily always. Sustainability must include a plan that stands the test of time and is an objective approach for you. 
Diet! Diet!! Diet!!!
Diet alone can do the magic. Most at times all that stand between you and your workout goal is your diet. Even though I would talk more about dieting on a later post, it is important to put at the back of your mind that you are what you eat and you are exactly that.
Work on your mind.
They say the biggest sex organ is the mind, I say the biggest workout organ you have is your mind. Do not be psychologically defeated before you start working out and taking control of your health. Know deep within your mind not your heart, that you can take control of your health.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH NOW and enjoy quality life you are working so hard to achieve.
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  1. Thanks Anon. This is a very important topic, and Carl has expertly delivered. I hope you get to apply some of his tips!

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