Thursday 14 February 2013

Report on First Junior Camp Held at Ketasco

Leti Games CEO Eyram Tawia poses with Seyram and Kennedy
One of the best ways to encourage learning among young people is to encourage them to take up initiatives. By so doing, they make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, correct them and become better. A Chinese proverb captures it pretty well: "what I hear, I forget, what I see I remember, what I do, I understand." Students of Keta Senior High School (Ketasco) demonstrated the above saying aptly when they organised the first Junior Camp Ketasco as part of this year's SRC Week celebration.

Junior Camp was put together by the Students' Representative Council (SRC) of the school in collaboration with GhanaThink Foundation. The idea for a Junior Camp was birthed when students of Ketasco participated in BarCamp Ho and BarCamp Tema last year. Realising the immense exposure and network they gained from BarCamp, Nathaniel Alpha and co. decided that the rest of their colleagues must have a taste of the pie.

Ice breaker: Ato "vimming up" Ketasco students
Before Junior Camp, also dubbed "Ketasco Goes Professional", selected students and teachers visited various basic schools in the area to educate their pupils on the opportunities and challenges of senior high school education. I was at Tettekope Global Evangelical Basic School with Yvonne and Robert who advised the students on courses available at Ketasco, admission requirements, time management and career opportunities. The duo did a brilliant job, as they shared their own experiences with the younger ones.

Junior Camp focused on skills acquisition and career development. As such students were set up into mentoring sessions with mentors from different fields. They had the opportunity to ask questions and were given tips on how they could develop their talents and succeed today's challenging global climate. Mentors were drawn from the school, GhanaThink Foundation and industry.

Eunice shares her story with students as she is flanked by future engineers
Eunice Ogbugo, award-winning CEO of Eugo Terrano, gave the keynote address in which she touched on her journey from senior high school at St Roses to her current career. She explained her initial difficulties with certain subjects in school and how her determination and perseverance helped her to overcome those challenges. Eunice also took time to answer questions form the students.She was a huge inspiration.

The following mentoring sessions were held:
  • Entrepreneurship with focus on mobile communications and opportunities in the Keta area: Famous Avuletey
  • Engineering and Innovation: Ato Ulzen-Appiah
  • IT and Project Management Nehemiah Attigah and Seyram Ahiabor
  • Journalism: Senam Oyiadjo
  • Start-ups: John Armah
  • Talent Development: Joel Degue
  • Creative Arts and Creative Writing: Eli Aidam and Emmanuel Adonu
  • Banking: Arnold Parker and Richmond Ovadio
  • Public Speaking and Motivational Speaking: Courage Tetteh, Solomon Adawu and Rose Zaney
  • Fashion: Yayra Tay
  • IT Training and Education: Makafui Nyamadi
  • Sofware Development and Games: Eyram Tawia
  • Marketing: Donald Ward
  • Teaching: David Kattah
  • Digital Literacy: Eldad Nutakor and Gameli Adzaho
Seyram (arm raised) and Nehemiah in action during IT mentoring session
Read more accounts of Junior Camp Ketasco by Enock Nyamador and Eldad Nutakor.

Cross-section of Junior Camp mentors after the event
I believe that creating more learning opportunities outside the classroom will go a long way to buttress what is learnt in class. It will also expose students to the realities of life and motivate them to be more serious with school work. Thank you to all the mentors who took time off to spur the next generation on, and the many others who could not come, due to the unfavourable time, but were in Keta in spirit. To Nathaniel Alpha, Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Enock Nyamador, Eldad Nutakor, Mr. Norvor and everyone else who gave their support, thank you for making this happen.


  1. Great blog post Gameli! Now I know all the various mentors.

    Thanks to the mentors for participating, kudos to the organizers and to the Ketasco students, all I'd say is Dzolali!
    Shout the response :-)

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